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Our Mission

Our mission is to create impactful contents for people.
The equation could be summarized as follows: 
(Film Production Company + 360° Agency + Tech) x Decentralized Community

Our Story

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is a creative production company founded in Paris, France.

Founded by artists for artists, with a culture mixing production company+hackers+artists+agency.

It’s mission is to produce films, music, arts, ads, events and contents with a high quality standards, providing it for communities, companies, start-ups, and for its own TV community.

We work the hardest you can imagine, both for clients, and for our community, to deliver contents with impacts on minds, hearts, and eyes.

As the world first production company integrating research & development on decentralized protocols, it gives birth to new models to empower our productions. 


Since 2017, we had about 200 companies as clients, 
produced more than 10k hours of contents,
received a range of Short Movie awards,
our best film is always the next one.

SAMOURAÏ COOP Crew is composed of film makers, professional drone pilots, technicians, designers, developers, motion designers, authors, production managers, and producers working together on challenges.

We work with some of the most exciting brands and companies around.
Our clients include entrepreneurs who want to translate their ideas into creative contents and big organisations who want to harness our flexible, samurai-like mentality.

« We're building the mix between a production company, a music label, a creators' coop that invites its community, and an artist&hackers management agency that makes them autonomous from itself.

And one day, we will totally decentralize. » Y&Z (Founders)


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