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Samouraï crew = ((Tech+Design+Films)*3,14*Love)*Passion


portrait yoh avatar.jpg

Yohann Grignou

Film Director (Co-Founder)
Chief Post-Production Officer
Extreme Media Man & Drone Pilot

Motion designer @ OSMOSIS Support DAO

avatar light zooma.png


Founder & CEO @ Samouraï World
Founder @ Paris P2P Festival 
Core Team
 @ Berty.techGno.Land
Core Team Lead @ Teritori Network

unnamed (1).jpg

Fanny Zammite

Film Maker
Media & Film Director - Photographer

Ninja Reporter & Editor

Photo avatar menard .jpg

Antoine Ménard

Associate Film Maker
Media & Film Director - Drone Pilot

Ninja Reporter & Editor

yang wang avatar.jpeg

Yang Wang

Production Manager
Administration Crew Support

Finance & Project Management

photo_2022-02-05 21.32.02.jpeg

Leonid Konolee

Design Lead
UX/UI Designer
Creative Art Director


Félix Roumagnac

Film Maker
Media & Film Director

Ninja Reporter & Editor

William Ferré avatar.jpeg

William Ferré

Color Grading Master
Digital Calibrator
Eagle Eye 

Photo avatar fasto.jpg

Stéphane 'Fasto' Chaulet

Artist & Performer

Live Performance - Art Teacher
Full stack Street Artist

Alex Robieux avatar.jpeg

Alex Robieux

Sound Engineer & Ears Ninja
Sound Design & Sound Mix 
Beatmaker & Composer

Theo Reynal avatar.jpeg

Theo Reynal

D.O.P & Video Operator
Extreme Media man
Waterman & Seafarer

Tom vision 1.jpeg

Tom Vision

Art Director 
Graphic & Motion Designer 

Animation & Content Artist

Louis Boniface Avatar.jpg
Pboy avatar.jpeg

Louis Boniface

Professional Slackliner & Performer
Artist, Guinness World Record man, & Champion
Cirque du Soleil, Ninja Warrior, Incroyable Talent, Best Tricks...

Pascal 'Pboy' Boyart

'OG' Crypto-Artist

manfred portrait.jpeg

Manfred Touron

Hacker, Artist & Entrepreneur
Security, Strategy & Tech Audits
Founder @
Co-founder @ Paris P2P Festival


Anonymous Creative Hacker & Code Artist
World First Decentralized & Onchain Band

Exploring Sound of Chains for BlockParties

Joseph Tatard avatar.jpg

Joseph Tatard

Independent Film Maker

Samouraï TV Contributor
Based in Normandy

Mélanie Rolland Avatar 2.jpg

Mélanie Rolland

Dancer & Choreographer
Dance Lessons & Performance
Co-founder @ Pile ou France Project

Avatar Andy Dominique Rak.jpg

Andy Dominique Rak

3D Motion Artist
Motion Designer
Based in Madagascar
Clients : Xbox Series, EMI Records

Elise Botrel avatar.jpg

Élise Botrel

Art Director & Brand Design
Founder @ RudBeckie Studio
Based in Paris & Dubaï
Clients : 1Health Media, Luxury Hotels

Terry So avatar.jpg

Terry So

Creative Director & Graphic Designer
Motion Designer
Clients : Adidas, EA Sports, FFF...


Ilann Joaquim

Digital Presence Consultant

SEO & Growth-Hacking
Based in Portugal

Alex Fouquet Portrait.jpg

Alex Fouquet

Independent Film Maker
Samouraï TV Contributor
Based in NYC, USA


Mathias Garnero

Junior Post-Production Assistant

Junior Director
Learning Ninja


Loïc 'Dadidou' Thomas

Front End Developer

React Native /

Web3 Padawan


Sakul Budhathoki

Senior React Native Engineer
Full Stack Developer
Passionate Hacker



Loïc 'pwnh4'

Full Stack Developer
Security, Web3 & Computer Science stuff
Paris P2P Festival & Hackathon Org

Maethstro co-founder


Sébastien 'mxs' Rannou

Senior Reliability Engineer

Senior DevOps & Full Stack Hacker

Passionate Photographer & Music Coder

Maethstro co-founder


Alexandra Grasland

Senior UI/UX Designer

Full Stack Developer

Creative Artist


Norman @n0izn0iz

Senior Full Stack Developer

Core team member @

Passionate Hacker

capslock avatar.jpg

@Capslock Thibault

Cybersecurity Expert

Softer IoT & Infrastructure

Pen-testing Audits & Bug Bounties

Co-founder @ Defensive Lab Agency

esther avatar.jpg

@U039B Esther

Android Security
Malware reverse engineering
Cybersecurity Audits & Bug Bounties
Co-founder @ Defensive Lab Agency

We are different,
and enjoy it.
We're united to rox.

As Samouraï crew, we think that our generation has to create new way to live, create, think, and cooperate.

We are filmmakers, artists, designers, hackers, developers, and whatever our tools, we're all united to share knowledge with people, connect cultures, explode boxes and borders, create bridges between people, opening up new perceptions.

Feel free to contact us for all your crazy projects.

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