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Web3 & Tech Lab

Powered by Samouraï Coop Crew 

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Samouraï Lab

Our Lab is composed of researchers, developers, hackers, designers, and creative people exploring technologies to build some powerful tools, experiences and product giving back power to users.
After 4 years of Research & Development on various distributed ledgers, we're now entering into a new phase of exploration with some creative projects using Web3.

During the upcoming year, we'll deliver different approach developed by our crew.
We'll keep you in touch here and on our official channels.

Research topics we explore & contribute to:
- Cooperativist Decentralized Governances & Future of Cooperativism

- Cybersecurity & Distributed Ledgers Security

- Films, Art, Events, Culture & Decentralization

- Resilience of Communities

- Future of Work

- Future of Education & Autonomous Learning
- Autonomous Funding for Open source projects

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