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We're currently hiring some ninjas to join our crew on various positions! 
If you feel open to adventures, let's connect!

Even when there is no official Open Positions, do not hesitate to apply, present yourself, your experiences and your skills.
A dedicated form is here to connect with new talents!

Open positions

We don't hire people to give them orders. We integrate them into a passionate core team mixing skills.
We don't care about your age, studies, or resume, we only trust code, facts, doers, makers.
If you don't find your position, apply & create it.

Creative Crew

Film maker - Camera (wo)man (remote, world wide)

Post-Production Ninja (remote, world wide)

Sound Designer (remote, world wide)

Motion Designer (remote, world wide)

3D Artist (remote, world wide)

UX Designer (remote, world wide)

Web3 Content Writer  (remote, world wide)

Community Manager (remote, world wide)

Production/Administration Officer (remote, France)

Operations & Marketing Officer Junior (remote, world)

Tech side of the moon.

Cryptography Engineer (remote, world wide)

Full Stack Developer (remote, world wide)

React Native Developer (remote, world wide)

Golang Developer (remote, world wide)

P2P Engineer (remote, world wide)

<Enter your Dream Job> (remote, world wide)

Cybersec Ninja & Pentester (remote, world wide)

Smartcontract Hacker (remote, world wide)

Creative Hacker (remote, world wide)

The job you want to create. (remote, world wide)

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