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➠ 2017 : Foundations
activate our production company development, France.

➠ 2018-2019 : Building & Testing
produce quality contents
explore web3 tools & write films
hiring talented people
create a reserve fund to produce more

3 years old, still babies, but now we can walk.

➠ 2020 : Bootstrapping Community v0
2020, January : Youtube Channel Creation
2020, april: Start producing The Underground Sistine Chapel

➠ 2021 : Bootstrapping Community v0.1

2021, June : Release of The Underground Sistine Chapel
Available for free on IPFS & Youtube :


➠ 2022 : Let's start big deals.
Start the Samouraï Season Concept, allowing people to invest in content & NFTs before their release, vote for films, contents, art and music we'll produce for the 8 next months.
As farmers, we'll provide a cycle of production based on seasons.
We will focus on quality. Not quantity. 

◒ More informations to come ⚑

→ Projects under study and pre-production for 2022 Season : 
Topics TLDR; "we'll stay curious."
#humans #stories #cryptography #body&soul #DAOs 
#art #gears #infosec #discover #experiences #becurious

→ Feature films :
Cryptography is not a dirty word (Documentary)
A dive into the history of cryptography, and the daily life of a team of developers of an NGO, defending the right to privacy for all.

The empty stomach adventure (Documentary)
A high level extreme sports athlete is training for an adventure, a one week trek, on an empty stomach, across Iceland. The opportunity to meet scientists, to understand the effects of this practice on the body.

The heartbeat of DAOs (Documentary)
A movement is slowly emerging around the world. That of decentralized social organizations, based on smartcontracts, disrupting the traditional organizations of our society. Who are the people who live it and build it? What could this movement become?

➥ Some of our projects cannot be announced at all.
More informations in upcoming months.

→ Web serie :
➠ Lentilles & Chiffons
➠ Hors Format
➠ Hack the World (HTW)
➠ The decentralized megaphone show.
➠ Samouraï Workout Season #2

→ Shortfilms :
We'll not announce it before it's ready. Surprises are cool.

→ Physical Events :
➠ Paris P2P Festival 2022 
Free event accessible to all, gathering all the actors of the decentralized world, of cryptography, or more globally of all projects claiming the peer-to-peer philosophy. Organized by & for the community.
Join it, hack it, fork it!

→ Decentralized Music Label ㊑ : 
➥ 5 music albums by anonymous artists supported by Sam.
Artists will votes for the next signatures on the label.
Still too early for more informations. Give us time.

SAMOURAÏ COOP Crew is composed of film makers, professional drone pilots, technicians, designers, developers, motion designers, authors, production managers, and producers working together on challenges.

We work with some of the most exciting brands and companies around.
Our clients include entrepreneurs who want to translate their ideas into creative contents and big organisations who want to harness our flexible, samurai-like mentality.

« We're building the mix between a production company, a music label, a creators' coop that invites its community, and an artist&hackers management agency that makes them autonomous from itself.

And one day, we will totally decentralize. » Y&Z (Founders)


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