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How to join partners for 2022 Season?

Samouraï Coop allows some partners to integrate the Samouraï TV adventure.
The partners co-finance a range of original content (feature films, short films, event reports, music, etc.) and also physical events designed to promote the values of Web3 to the general public.
They also have a privileged relationship with a creative team for their communication needs, and interest in royalties on NFTs produced during the entire season of their partnership.
This partnership takes the form of partner tickets, which are limited to 10 per year. 

➠ WHO?
Samouraï Coop
wishes to integrate among its partners private or public companies, commercial or not, centralized or not, which wish among other things, to promote the values of peer-to-peer in all its forms.

To be transparent, we would like to prioritize quality players from the French ecosystem, in order to promote them in the long term, but we have no restrictions and discuss with the whole world. Our first criterion is quality, and mutual trust.

The core team wishes to choose these partnerships with a lot of attention, and before sharing a common vision with the company that wishes to be a partner.
Samouraï Coop's freedom of creativity is entirely preserved, and requires mutual trust.
Public institutions, NGO or individuals are also welcome in the adventure.

➠ WHY?
We believe it has become urgent to experiment with new approaches to content production, and new experiences that allow the general public to understand the Blockchain revolution. It is also important to document this transition period in the long term, and that this documentation is available to all.
For this, uniting actors of the ecosystem seems to us an interesting approach.

Summer 2021 is dedicated to meet, discuss, present our vision, and onboard from 5 to 10 partners,
on the adventure of the SEASON 2022/2023.

➠ HOW?
Send us an email here.

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