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We're currently hiring some ninjas to join our crew on various positions! 
If you feel open to adventures, let's connect!

Even when there is no official Open Positions, do not hesitate to apply, present yourself, your experiences and your skills.
A dedicated form is here to connect with new talents!

Operations & Marketing Officer Junior

Job Description: 

A key profile within a small team determined to create a strong structure, you will be working on several different projects owned by the Samouraï Team & its ecosystem.

Comfortable with the idea of working mainly online and without an office.
You will put your organizational skills to work in the service of a vision and strategy that has several simultaneous fronts, and different types of activities. In direct link with the founders and the core team, you will be part of the pillars allowing the company to develop in good conditions! 


Main missions :
- You'll be a core member of the team, leading various Projects
   - Projects can be both some tech products, some films, or events!
   - In charge to develop the client portfolio, imagine partnerships, detect opportunities...
   - You'll have regular calls with new, current & future clients to take care of them & their project!
- Get briefing, manage plannings, budgets, team briefings, all elements to fit with their needs
- You'll be able to give clear briefing to your team mates (film crew, design crew, dev crew...!)
   - Follow-up on each project, to ensure we're on rails!
- Ensure the follow-up of customer happiness

That means mainly:
- Organisation of information within the team
- Taking notes of team meetings 
   - Follow-up of shooting schedules
   - Ensure the coordination and transmission of information
- Production & Project follow-up
   - Preparation of shoots and events
   - Monitoring, setting up production files (Films, Events, Music...)
   - Development of the network of partners (private, public, ...)



Secondary Missions : 
- Samouraï Coop also build big projects (Tech product, Events, Films) for us & our community
- You'll be in charge to be a ninja, to organize projects, as Junior Lead of Operations
- Like all team members, you will be constantly on the lookout for new practices, new development opportunities, networks, or partners!



Description of the required profile :
You are organized, autonomous and proactive 
You love tech environments & topics, you're curious about Web3 & future of technologies!
You're excited to work with friendly mates in a hackers spirit way in a very autonomous way
You like rigor, and following up on projects or an agile and dynamic structure
You like to solve problems or find information for your team
You are an excellent communicator, both written and oral
You are creative, enthusiastic, dynamic, and have an entrepreneurial mindset 
You are a good listener: anticipate the problems/expectations of a community and your team
You are very comfortable with the Internet, digital technology, and teamwork, even remotely
You are not afraid to use tools like Slack, Trello, Discord, nor to sometimes have to write in English, and working 90% remotely is an opportunity for you!

Bonus: If you have projects (events, creations or films), but you have never had a structure to give them life...! If you have a very strong culture or curiosity for Web3 & Blockchain...! 

Full-time / Freelance (can be modified into a long term contract)
90% Remote work (CEST Timezone, but flexible)


More about the Company :
Samouraï Coop is a production company and 360° agency born in 2017.
Carried by a young team passionate about creations, culture and technologies, it strives to create a dynamic of innovation to serve its customers, while defending independent creation within a very dynamic structure. 

The company develops 3 complementary activities: 
- Services for companies, institutions,... 
- Productions (films, web series, events, NFTs, etc.)
- Consulting and technology services (Web3, Blockchain).


Organized as a "full remote" since 2020, Samouraï Coop's team gathers within the same agency various actors (directors, editors, technicians, artists, developers, graphic designers, motion designers...).

The culture of the company is that of a very small, passionate team, developing since 2017 an agile, innovative, and creative structure that uses technologies to develop various creative projects and consolidate jobs in a sustainable way.

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