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Announcement Samouraï Coop, June 2021

Samouraï Coop is proud to announce you something which was a secret project during more than one year, and now ready to be public. It's exciting!

Welcome our first Blog article, on our brand new website. We'll not publish news every days, or event months, just major news. What are we going to talk about ?

The Underground Sistine Chapel, the movie.

“Did already a film company produced an art movie talking about a major masterpiece painted by a world class artist, and funded it only with crypto & NFTs production? Nop...”

Why do we decided to make this film with this innovative production strategy? There are 3 main reasons : 1. We're passionate about decentralized protocols since 2015, and never stopped to imagine, explore and hack some art related proof-of-concepts. Our conviction is that as artists, producers, directors, creators, will have more and more serious options to create new models using peer-to-peer models. After 5 years of exploration, time has come. 2. This film is particularly special. Pascal Boyart, is an amazing artist for a large range of reasons. I met his work few years ago, while I was walking near the 104, in streets of Paris, and discovered his street piece "Papa, c'est quoi l'argent?" (*Daddy, what's money?). Mind blowing piece, that was striking my eyes at first meet. And, 5 seconds after, a second wow effect, when I saw a Bitcoin QR Code above, to tip him.

Few weeks after, I met him, and we had several passionate discussions about politics, art, the future of internet...

About this power, that artist could use for many projects in the future... I was thinking that this guy is really an humble genius.

I also thought that it could really be interesting to make a film about his work, his mindset, and his artist path. He was okay, and excited too, but we had to wait for the perfect opportunity.

Something big, exciting, out of boxes. So we just started to work on little projects, like exhibition videos, etc., and kept in it touch each other regularly on our respective projects. And in 2020, march, the real opportunity was here. All conditions were kind of perfect... because of the chaos that brung Covid-19. It was obvious we had to make a film about his new project, a Modern Sistine Chapel.

3. The third reason could seems strange. With this movie, we wanted to be radically free. Usually, when you're preparing a movie production, you have to talk with a lot of people to prepare the commercial part. I decided to test, for fun, to pitch the idea to major TV channels, distributors, and platforms that could be interested by documentaries. It was fun, because everybody was saying the same thing "This project looks amazing, but it's not exactly fitting with our programming boxes. We cannot participate to the funding, but you should produce it, and keep us in touch when it's finished." Of course, it's hard to find a TV channel that will be interested to fund "1) a documentary 2) about art 3) about an anon artist 4) who use Bitcoin." But that's precisely the kind of challenge we love at Samouraï Coop. So we decided to jump in the adventure with Pascal, and explore the radical option of a full decentralized funding for an independent free film, offering a new experience to people, viewers, and a world wide audience that could love this amazing story. We took all the risks, with the feeling that we could create something with NFTs. And that's what we did, with an exclusive collaboration with platform.

We were looking for a something new and respecting the philosophy of the film. Minty was building something cool and fresh, pioneering the patronage for artists, with an innovative pre-sale model on NFTs, allowing to reward the patrons with a % on future sales. The idea was fitting with our approach to explore decentralized models for artists, and we decided to offer the exclusivity of this movie NFT series on

A first crypto-funded film, about a crypto-funded master piece, offered for free to people.

“No bank have been used to fund this story.”

In upcoming days, this project will be released on the internets. And, of course we decided to add more fun, and upload it on IPFS (*InterPlanetaryFileSystem) that will make this movie censorship resistant, and accessible for everybody, even in dictators area. We're proud to offer this film for free, and we hope people will enjoy it. While waiting for this release, which will take place on Sunday June 27, 2021 for the public, or before for the holders of the NFT Avant-Première, we offer you this trailer.

Official Movie Release : 2021, June, 27, now available on

NFTs exclusively on

In upcoming months and years at Samouraï Coop, we're already preparing the future, with radical and innovative experiences for this year, for our growing community. People should co-own contents they love. We're building it, slowly but surely, so don't hesitate to join us, & follow us on the networks.

Take care,


Never in the trend, always in the right direction. Scred Connexion

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